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We assist you from the search for financing to the filing of the application.


Business development

Development of the Business Plan / Business Model Canvas.
We find clients and partners for your project.
At the end of this phase we can look for your first customers. They are not always the ones you would have thought of.



Market study / Feasibility study.
We help you define your objectives in order to develop an effective action plan, a strong vision and build loyalty among your customers and partners.



We look for leads, adapt the offer, adjust the communication, the target, in perfect communication with you, to move forward quickly because cash flow is not eternal.



We offer you very practical modules for each stage of the growth of your startup: from creation to valuation


The adventure began in 2016 when Hélène Mariette decided to accompany and help innovative start-ups and SMEs.

Vivinnov is a contraction of "Vive l'innovation".

Our Clients

MEOSS is a company that uses satellite imagery to create mapping software to help organic certification bodies perform audits more reliably, and more quickly.

hd rain

HD Rain provides an innovative solution for measuring and forecasting precipitation (monitoring and warning system, help in managing water resources).

MecaBotiX is developing the M3-Cooper concept, new Modular Mobile Manipulator robots capable of cooperating with each other.

European collaborative projects

Germany - DIH2 (EU) - I Lab (FR)

Partnerships with numerous clusters



italie (1)










Our Values

We are here to support you and help you benefit from our expertise and our network.

Our goal is to save you time. When starting an activity or a project, lost cash time lost is cash that escapes.... 

Our objective is to be able to go quickly to look for financing and customers, the only ones able to validate your economic model.

Sometimes a small change in the offer is enough. Sometimes it's a new idea or a new partnership. 

Our offer is scalable according to your needs and our great strength is to adapt, while activating the best levers.

This is our challenge: to live your project with you to give it a chance to take off.

We have made many contacts in Europe and elsewhere in the world, which enables us to find solutions far beyond our region and country.

We Act 4 Earth is an association that trains self-employed people, small businesses and SMEs to develop their business while having a positive environmental and societal impact.

Non-profit company that creates and finances companies fighting climate change on a global scale. Time for the Planet is raising €1 billion to fund 100 start-ups responding to the climate emergency.

A word from the CEO

For years, at Vivinnov I have been helping start-ups in their development, helping them to prospect and improve customer loyalty.

As an expert in business development, with 20 years of experience, I like to find solutions to complex problems. It is to answer the many questions of managers, often alone in the face of numerous responsibilities, that I chose to specialize in the support of start-ups and SMEs.

Challenges motivate me and if I accompany companies, I am also an adventurer. I crossed Tibet in complete autonomy, on a Chinese bike, for 4 months at more than 4000 m. Then I climbed the 6,000m Bolivian mountains, Illimani, Illampu, Condoriri, still in autonomy, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean during the Transat AG2R in a one-design.


Our Team

Hélène Mariette


Camila Machado

International Business Manager

Adamantios Koumpis

European Advisor

Sandie Villemur

Business Developer

Jerry Louis-Jeune Digital Marketing and SEO Expert

Jerry Louis-Jeune

Digital Marketing Manager

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